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TORONTO, ON. September 2011 – Some Tri-X that a good friend insisted I shot.



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I recently completed a 2-day documentary workshop with legendary documentary photographer Donald Weber.

He gives you a week to complete an assignment series and helps to sequence and edit it at the end of that week. It was a truly enriching experience and fascinating to watch him think. My topic was “what emerges from the woodwork when darkness falls.” It was a challenging experience but I think I walked away with a new lease on storytelling. Here is a taste of what I did last week…I plan to continue this project in the months to come, but with a tweaked focus.




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TORONTO, ON. Sept. 19, 2008 – Ken Loft stops off for a cold drink at a hot dog stand near Yonge and Dundas Street unbeknownst that the sign is cleverly covered.

I really enjoy feature photography since it allows me to unearth and share subtle moments that make me smile.

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