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Last Wednesday my life changed. During staff class, I received a phone call from the Toronto Star requesting that I show up for an interview that Friday. I remember the jolt of electricity that coursed through my body as I sputtered an emphatic “YES!” Two days later I found myself inside the building of the illustrious Toronto Star with bated breath. A few hours later my fate was doled out to me as I boarded a train headed back to Belleville. I got the summer intern job. The world was spinning.

In mid-June I will join two other summer interns at the Toronto Star as a photographer. I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity and will try to make the most of it!!


BELLEVILLE, ON. January 30, 2009 – Raquel Garcias prepares a tray during a journey on a VIA passenger train traveling from Belleville to Ottawa.


TORONTO, ON. January 30, 2009. A man and woman ascend the stairs at Brookfield Place in downtown Toronto.


OTTAWA, ON. January 31, 2009. Pigeons take flight off an icicle adorned roof in Ottawa’s Chinatown.


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VENICE, IT. October 17, 2007 – Giuseppe Reitano, a daring tourist, has a different take on feeding pigeons in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy.

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