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I returned from my cross-Canada jaunt a few days ago and have also returned to the blogosphere.

It was such a memorable experience watching the Canadian landscape flat line and swell as we approached the west. Pictures to come…

The trip was a great way to wrap up my time at Loyalist College. I am now preparing to make my way to Toronto so that I can begin my summer internship in a few months time.

In other news, I am remain in first place in the Loyalist College Photo Contest at 760 points. January results have come in and  I placed first in the multiple picture category and received an honorable mention in the feature category.

Go to the contest page for more results.


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Here is an experiment from when I made a custom bokeh hood in the shape of a heart. Neat little trick.

Tomorrow I will be making my way westward with my roommates to eventually reach Vancouver. We will be driving the whole way, so it will be interesting to take in the country from street level. I will try to update as often as I can.

Meet me in the mountains.

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