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I returned from my cross-Canada jaunt a few days ago and have also returned to the blogosphere.

It was such a memorable experience watching the Canadian landscape flat line and swell as we approached the west. Pictures to come…

The trip was a great way to wrap up my time at Loyalist College. I am now preparing to make my way to Toronto so that I can begin my summer internship in a few months time.

In other news, I am remain in first place in the Loyalist College Photo Contest at 760 points. January results have come in and  I placed first in the multiple picture category and received an honorable mention in the feature category.

Go to the contest page for more results.

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Today I went on a ghost h(a)unt/urban exploring in an abandoned institution for mentally handicapped individuals called Prince Edward Heights, also known as The “Heights,” in Picton. The facility closed in September of 1999 and has been in a state of steady decay ever since.

It was a definite treat to soak in the lingering traces of human touch and feel the energy that still seemed to course through the corridors . . . or maybe it was just the 60 km/h winds.






PICTON, ON: March 11, 2009 – Prince Edward Heights abandoned psychiatric facility.

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BELLEVILLE, ON. February 18, 2009 –  Visitors to downtown Belleville may soon find themselves surrounded by surveillance as they shop, eat and simply walk down the street. Other communities like Trenton have recently employed eyes in the sky in an effort to curb crime. Belleville’s city’s Downtown Business Improvement Area is now considering installing cameras in the city’s core.

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BELLEVILLE, ON. February 17, 2009 –  Cindy Kim, 18, is a grade 12 student at Centennial Secondary School who recently won the Ontario Secondary Schools Teachers Federation provincial award in the visual arts category for her colored pencil and water colour illustration about global awareness. She was first introduced to global issues from her art teacher and Global Awareness Committee head, Christine Christos.

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I am now sitting at first place in the Loyalist College Photo Contest at 650 points. November results have been recently amended and it turns out I placed first and second  in the portrait category.

December results also came in and I placed second in news, third in news, first in sports and third in portrait.

Go to the contest page for more results.

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BELLEVILLE, ON. February 7, 2009 – Madison Greer, 10, Jadnn Greer, 12, and their mother, Debby, show off their dyed pink hair for the third annual St. Valentine’s Day Hair Massacure on Feb. 13, 2009 as part of the Make a Wish Foundation’s fund-raiser.

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Last Wednesday my life changed. During staff class, I received a phone call from the Toronto Star requesting that I show up for an interview that Friday. I remember the jolt of electricity that coursed through my body as I sputtered an emphatic “YES!” Two days later I found myself inside the building of the illustrious Toronto Star with bated breath. A few hours later my fate was doled out to me as I boarded a train headed back to Belleville. I got the summer intern job. The world was spinning.

In mid-June I will join two other summer interns at the Toronto Star as a photographer. I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity and will try to make the most of it!!


BELLEVILLE, ON. January 30, 2009 – Raquel Garcias prepares a tray during a journey on a VIA passenger train traveling from Belleville to Ottawa.


TORONTO, ON. January 30, 2009. A man and woman ascend the stairs at Brookfield Place in downtown Toronto.


OTTAWA, ON. January 31, 2009. Pigeons take flight off an icicle adorned roof in Ottawa’s Chinatown.

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