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DUBAI, UAE. January 4, 2014 – Happy to be in a place where the winters still allow comfortable visits to the beach.

(Photos by: Sarah Dea/The National)


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Delma Island, ABU DHABI. January 42km – Delma Island is located 42 off the shore of Abu Dhabi and is one of the oldest known permanent settlements in the UAE.

(Photos by: Sarah Dea/The National)

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SD -BigPic_Float01

TORONTO, ON. August 15, 2009 – Jeff Anderson bikes down to the water at Cherry Beach everyday to go where the current takes him. He enjoys the fact that not many dare venture into the water because the surface remains still for his daily float. He decides to return ashore when his fingers become pruny. (Sarah Dea/Toronto Star)

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OTTAWA, ON. July 12, 2008 -Two players from team “Juice Monkeys” go to block during a Hope Volleyball Summerfest game at Mooneys Bay. Hope was founded 26 years ago and raises funds for community-based charities. Each year, more than 25,000 players and spectators flock to the event.

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