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July 31, 2009 – Kara Lane, and Mel Labelle,  make up the Mississauga-born pop duo KaraMel. On Friday, August 7th, they will bring their sound to the Mississauga Central Library, opening for Shiloh. Managed by high school friend and song writer Christopher Lee, the women have an unexpected hit on their hands in Scotland, thanks to the support of a single DJ at a Glasgow radio station. (Sarah Dea/Toronto Star)


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So I survived my first day of independent shooting at the Ottawa Citizen – I filed three assignments and it was definitely a trial by fire. Got sent to the wrong address on my first job and during my last one I busted the shoe on my PocketWizard. But no worries, I eventually made it to the right address and crazy glued the shoe and the world is right again! Hours melted away, I learned a lot and had a pile of fun .

OTTAWA, ON. October 21, 2008 – Tim Connolly and Morgan Friend of psychobilly band The Bible All-Stars relax on the patio of the Dominion Tavern where they will play their CD release of Pretty Down There on November 1, 2008. Other band members Greg Langille and Joel Carlson were unavailable for the photo.

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