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Global Village

DUBAI, MARCH 15, 2012 – Global Village: fairground, shopping, and cultural entertainment all on the outskirts of Dubai.

(Photos by: Sarah Dea/ The National)


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Dubai, MARCH 09, 2012 — Egyptian author Ahmed Khaled Towfik is photographed at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature at the InterContinental Festival City in Dubai.

Dubai, MARCH 13, 2012 —  The mountains in Fujairah are foggy with haze as motorists drive along the Fujairah-Dubai motorway.

Photos by: Sarah Dea/ The National


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DUBAI, MARCH 09, 2012 — Egyptian singer Amr Diab performs during du World Music Festival at Burj Park in Dubai, March 9, 2012.

(Photos by: Sarah Dea/The National)

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DUBAI, UAE. Mar 02, 2012 — Golfers Andrew Morley and Stephen Jenks want to enter The Guinness Book of World Records by playing golf for 24 hours.


DUBAI, UAE. Mar 02, 2012 — Toa player Rama Chand receives a pass during a UAE premiership rugby at The Dubai Rugby Sevens.

DUBAI, UAE. Feb 16th, 2012 — English singer-songwriter James Blunt performs at Dubai International Jazz Festival in Dubai Festival City.

DUBAI, UAE. Mar 01, 2012 — Test driver Gilles Chauve drives a 30-tonne Renault GVW Kerax 6×6 off-road truck through sand dunes in Dubai.

(Photos by: Sarah Dea/For The National)

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