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This month has breezed by and spring, although sprung, is still elusive as ever. Hoping that this cold snap is just a reminder to appreciate when the mercury does rise again.

A few recent pictures in the meanwhile to keep things going.

TORONTO, ON. MARCH 10, 2010 – Alicia Keys performs at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ont. on March 10, 2010. (Photo by: Sarah Dea/for The Globe and Mail)

TORONTO, ON. MARCH 16, 2011 – Irish author Michael Collins is in Toronto to promote his new novel, Midnight in a Perfect Lie. (Photo by: Sarah Dea/for Toronto Star)

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(Photo by: Sarah Dea/Toronto Star)

I’m honoured to announce that my summer splash image has been selected by Applied Arts Magazine to be included in their June/July 2010 Photography & Illustration Awards Annual in the editorial cateogry and showcased at their year-end exhibit.

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I am pleased to announce that I will be joining the talented staff at the Globe and Mail as a summer photographer. I’m looking forward to the national grind and seeing how I will emerge as a photographer. Cheers to new opportunities and growth!

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TORONTO, ONT.: FEBRUARY 24, 2010 — The Toronto Raptors suffered a 101-87 Air Canada Centre loss to the Portland Trail Blazers at the Air Canada Centre on Feb. 24, 2010.

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Last Friday I had another visit with my friend Christian Aldo. In classic Christian fashion, he took me on an adventure (even if it was only across the street) to a defunct shoe store. Although the place had been up and running till last April, the store had an eerie hollow to it. The space oozed with history: from the wilting wallpaper to the questionably deliberate askew shoe displays – none of it made immediate sense.

I attempted to capture the quirkiness of the place while we meandered around and pried open a basement door that hadn’t been opened in almost 25 years. There was only a narrow alley on the other side.

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