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OTTAWA, ON. April 20, 2009 – Michael Ranney, 23, is a reptile enthusiast and fourth-year integrated science student from Carleton University. His apartment houses four corn snakes, two geckos and a school of fish. His interest in exotic animals stems from his insatiable thirst for knowledge as well as his biology background.

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OTTAWA, ON: April 18, 2009 – Ottawa punk band Whiskey Shits play a frenetic set in a packed, sweltering basement in Centretown.

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I returned from my cross-Canada jaunt a few days ago and have also returned to the blogosphere.

It was such a memorable experience watching the Canadian landscape flat line and swell as we approached the west. Pictures to come…

The trip was a great way to wrap up my time at Loyalist College. I am now preparing to make my way to Toronto so that I can begin my summer internship in a few months time.

In other news, I am remain in first place in the Loyalist College Photo Contest at 760 points. January results have come in and  I placed first in the multiple picture category and received an honorable mention in the feature category.

Go to the contest page for more results.

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