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Here is an experiment from when I made a custom bokeh hood in the shape of a heart. Neat little trick.

Tomorrow I will be making my way westward with my roommates to eventually reach Vancouver. We will be driving the whole way, so it will be interesting to take in the country from street level. I will try to update as often as I can.

Meet me in the mountains.

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Here is the multimedia project about the Wiccan that I promised. Take a look and leave a comment.

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Today I went on a ghost h(a)unt/urban exploring in an abandoned institution for mentally handicapped individuals called Prince Edward Heights, also known as The “Heights,” in Picton. The facility closed in September of 1999 and has been in a state of steady decay ever since.

It was a definite treat to soak in the lingering traces of human touch and feel the energy that still seemed to course through the corridors . . . or maybe it was just the 60 km/h winds.






PICTON, ON: March 11, 2009 – Prince Edward Heights abandoned psychiatric facility.

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I’ve recently embarked on a new documentary following the life of a practicing (and teaching!) Wiccan living in Trenton. She has quite a story to tell and I am looking forward to giving her a platform to tell it. Here’s a little snippet from the other day. Stay tuned…



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