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Ottawa, ON. November 22, 2008 – Chris Cornell plays to over a thousand fans at the Civic Centre on Saturday, November 22, 2008.

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I spent some more time with the Belleville LARPers tonight and pushed myself to come up with different ways to communicate this unique past-time. Here is a sampling of tonight’s get-together.




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I thought this was a funny photo because it reminded me so much of a football sports action photo except it took place during a basketball game.


BELLEVILLE, ON. November 18, 2008 – Loyalist Lancer Point Guard Jeffrey Kwakye tries to escape the defensive clutches of Seneca Sting Guard Chao Chang. The Seneca Sting Men’s Basketball team defeated the Loyalist Lancers by a score of 53-60.

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I have recently embarked on a documentary focusing on Vampire: The Masquerade live action role-players in the Belleville area. Vampire: The Masquerade is based on vampires in a modern Gothic-Punk world.

In general, live action role-playing games involve participants who physically act out their characters’ actions. LARP may involve a varying degree of costumes, acting, props, genre, etc.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Toreador clan’s ball. It was interesting to see all the characters dressed in period pieces and interacting.


BELLEVILLE, ON. November 14, 2008 – A live action role-player wears stickers denoting what his costume looks like at the Toreador Ball.

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One Year Ago

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was traveling around rural China, discovering parts of my roots that I never knew.






HEQIAO, CH. November 11, 2007 – Heqiao is an idyllic farm village situated in Yixing, about 190 kilometers North West of Shanghai.

  • Multimedia Piece about Heqiao

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Ottawa, ON: November 8, 2008 – Teresa Lanthier, 77, and Linda Cardey, 63, have been coming to Merivale Bingo for over 25 years. They frequent different bingo halls across Ottawa three to four times a week. The two women met at a bingo hall in Kanata eight years ago and have become good friends through their shared love for the game.

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Corbyville, ON. November 4, 2008 – Dan and Cheryl Walsh pose for a portrait outside their 169 year-old farmhouse, passed down from Dan’s father’s side.

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